Is Re.Guide compatible with my smartphone?

Yes. Re.Guide is a web app that works on most browsers, on desktop and mobile. Check your config before joining us.

Where is the link / button to connect to the session ?

After confirming the purchase of your ticket for the session of your choice, we will send you a personal email containing the link to connect to the guided tour. We will also send you this link by email the day before the visit and one hour before the session. Enjoy !

If I am in late, what happen?

No problem. You can join the tour at any time during the session.

Can I get a refund in the event of a technical problem?

Re.Guide uses the latest and most powerful streaming technology. However, technical accidents can always happen. Re.Guide will offer a full refund upon request in the event of a malfunction lasting more than 5% of the total time of the tour.

Do you propose subscription ?

No. We sell individual tickets only.

Can I request a private visit for me and my friends, family or colleagues?

Yes. You can do so with our premium offer. You can invite up to 30 people of your choosing at a date that’s convenient to you. Contact us to get a custom visit and a quote from us.

How do you make each tour unique?

Our guides can adapt the tour to the size and the uniqueness of each group. In accordance with each group, they will adjust the segments’ length, chose different points of view, or decide to engage with the audience in a certain way.

Can I use Paypal as a payment method? Do a wire transfer? Use coupons?

We do not offer every payment method yet. You can check what is available upon checkout with each institution.